Top 9 Alternatives to adult ChatGPT : Pros and Cons in 2024

ChatGPT has become a popular topic of discussion as of late. Its impressive capability to generate dialogue that closely resembles human conversation and offer advanced responses to prompts has established it as a valuable resource for a variety of purposes.

Despite the widespread attention given to ChatGPT, there are several other similar tools that have gone unnoticed. It is unfortunate, as there are numerous exceptional AI applications and chatbots available, some of which may even outperform ChatGPT in certain use cases.

In the following article, we will be evaluating our top picks. We will analyze how they stack up against adult ChatGPT and delve into their main characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks.

A Comparison of the Top adult ChatGPT Alternatives

Our top choice for the best ChatGPT alternative is ChatSonic by Writesonic.

With its excellent user interface, robust built-in document editor, and vast collection of pre-written prompts for various purposes, this is a highly preferred option for both writers and marketers.

Moreover, unlike ChatGPT, it is not confined by its training data. It merges GPT-4 with live data from Google Knowledge Graph to produce replies with the latest information on ongoing events. Additionally, it has the ability to create artificial images using Stable Diffusion and DALL-E technology.

#1 – ChatSonic (developed by Writesonic)

ChatSonic is, without a doubt, the top alternative to ChatGPT for writers. It utilizes GPT-4, which is the newest and most advanced LLM developed by OpenAI, and addresses many of the significant shortcomings found in ChatGPT.

ChatSonic was specially designed to assist writers and marketers in producing SEO-optimized and original content. This encompasses various forms such as blog entries, email campaigns, social media updates, and landing pages.

Since it is specifically designed for that particular purpose, it includes a variety of robust writing capabilities that are not available on ChatGPT.

The article writer powered by AI can be incredibly beneficial as it has the capability to be taught using your existing written material in order to produce content in your unique brand voice. All that is required is to upload documents or share links to your current content, and ChatSonic will handle the rest.

ChatSonic and Surfer SEO have joined forces to enhance your content’s ranking. By linking these two platforms, you can effectively optimize your articles for search within the Sonic Editor, ensuring a higher placement on search engine results.

The Sonic Editor is a cohesive text editing tool comparable to Google Docs, but with the incorporation of advanced AI-based editing features such as a paraphrasing tool and text expander.

In addition to the aforementioned capabilities, ChatSonic has a wide range of features that are not available in ChatGPT.

One notable feature is its integration with Google Knowledge Graph, enabling it to generate content on current popular subjects. In contrast, ChatGPT is limited to collecting data from prior to September 2021. This single factor has a major impact on its capabilities.

ChatGPT does not have the capability to use Stable Diffusion or DALL-E models to create one-of-a-kind AI art based on text prompts. This is a feature that is only available on this platform.

One of the distinct offerings available on ChatSonic is the ability to personalize writing personas. Additionally, there is a handy Chrome extension that allows for content generation while browsing the internet. The platform also offers a prompt library and a marketplace for users. Another notable feature is a code-free AI chatbot builder, known as Botsonic.

There is one condition, which is that the service is only without charge for the initial 10,000 words. If you require a higher word count, it will be necessary to enroll in one of ChatSonic’s paid subscriptions, which include supplementary credits.

In order to utilize GPT-4, it is necessary to pay for ChatGPT Plus, but ChatSonic offers more features for the same price.

Please note that ChatSonic utilizes GPT-4 exclusively for creating content when you choose the ‘Superior’ quality option. Generating content of superior quality requires a higher amount of credits.

Main characteristics

  • An AI-based article writing tool
  • Over 100 templates utilizing AI technology
  • Sonic Editor for easy editing
  • A tool for paraphrasing text
  • A text expansion tool
  • A resource for generating article ideas
  • A platform for creating product descriptions, landing pages, and ads
  • A Chrome extension for convenient access
  • Instant WordPress export feature
  • Customizable brand voice
  • An image generator tool
  • Integration with Surfer and Semrush.

The text needs to be rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning and context. Markdown formatting should also be preserved.

Original Text: The rise of social media has transformed the way we communicate and interact with others, allowing us to connect with people from all around the world in an instant.

Paraphrased Text: The emergence of social media has revolutionized the methods of communication and social interaction, enabling us to instantly connect with individuals from diverse geographical locations.


  • Capable of producing current content on popular events and trends
  • Extensive collection of templates/prompts for various types of content
  • Exceptional editing capabilities
  • Affordable and valuable investment

The structure of the text has been changed without altering the context and semantic meaning in order to remove any plagiarism. It is important to maintain the markdown formatting.

The text will be restructured to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while still maintaining the same context and semantic meaning. The markdown formatting will be preserved throughout the process.


  • ChatSonic is a component of a larger AI writing platform that may not be suitable for all individuals.
  • The integration of Surfer is necessary for SEO optimization.

The following is a guide to paraphrasing text to avoid plagiarism while still maintaining the original meaning and context. It is important to change the structure of the text without altering the semantic meaning in order to avoid plagiarism. Please ensure that the markdown formatting is preserved.

The following text has been rephrased to avoid plagiarism by altering the structure while maintaining the same context and semantic meaning. Please note that the markdown formatting has been preserved.

Cost Structure

You can access a complimentary trial plan for a maximum of 10,000 words. The subscription plans begin at $19/month, but you have the opportunity to save 20% – 33% by enrolling in an annual plan.

#2 – Chat by

One possible alternative to ChatGPT is Chat by, which is particularly beneficial for marketers and bloggers. It offers a variety of useful features and robust team collaboration tools that are not available on ChatGPT.

We really enjoy the inline document editor feature of Unlike ChatGPT, where you have to manually transfer the generated content to a platform like Google Docs for editing, allows you to do it all within the same application.

The left side presents an AI chatbot with a striking resemblance to ChatGPT, while the right side offers a document editor for refining the content produced by the AI. utilizes current data to provide timely responses to all of your requests and prompts.

When it comes to prompts, offers a collection of pre-made prompts that can enhance the caliber of your results, direct your process, and save you time. These prompts cover a range of tasks such as crafting customized email content, creating PPC advertisements, and producing SEO-optimized blog entries.

One of the greatest aspects of is that you can utilize it at no cost through their benevolent Free Forever package, which permits the creation of up to 2,000 words per month. If you require a higher word limit, the paid plans provide unlimited words at a reasonably affordable price.

Main Characteristics

  • Over 90 templates available
  • Blog post wizard included
  • Ideas generator to spark creativity
  • Keyword generator for SEO optimization
  • Freestyle tool for customization
  • Ad copy creation made easy
  • Product descriptions made simple
  • Inline editor for convenient editing
  • Real-time data for accurate information
  • Team collaboration tools for efficient teamwork


  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Excellent variety of writing prompts
  • Produces high-quality results
  • Generous free option available


  • Lack of SEO recommendations
  • The editor is somewhat rudimentary.

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The following is an example of how to avoid plagiarizing by restructuring a text while still maintaining the original context and meaning. The markdown formatting will be preserved.

Cost Structure

The Free Forever plan is available for those who wish to begin using it. For those who prefer a paid plan, the starting cost is $49 per month. However, you can save 25% if you choose to sign up for yearly billing.

#3 – Bing Chat by Microsoft

Bing Chat is a conversational search engine powered by AI technology from Bing. It utilizes the same model as ChatGPT (GPT-4), but is specifically designed for search purposes rather than content creation.

Bing Chat is offered at no cost and utilizes GPT-4, giving it an advantage over ChatGPT’s no-cost version (which operates on the previous GPT-3.5 LLM). It also has the capability to deliver current information by utilizing real-time data from Bing’s search index.

Due to its specific purpose as a conversational search tool, it lacks the same level of flexibility as ChatGPT. While it excels in providing search results, it may not be as proficient as ChatGPT in tasks such as generating written content or code.

In order to give Bing Chat a try, it is necessary to utilize the Edge browser. It may be disappointing to some that it is not available on Chrome, the leading browser, however, considering Bing’s rivalry with Google, it is understandable that they would want to retain users on their own browser.

After launching Edge, simply select the Bing icon located in the top-right corner and type your query into the dialogue box. Bing Chat will then provide you with relevant information gathered from web results and its language model. Unlike ChatGPT, it also offers citations and links in its response, allowing you to verify its sources, which is a convenient feature.

Bing Chat has a unique feature of generating images through its integration with the DALL-E model by OpenAI. Simply access the chatbot in Creative mode and provide a prompt that outlines your desired creation.

One thing we particularly love about Bing Chat is its ability to provide contextual answers while you are browsing the internet.

By accessing the sidebar on your browser, you have the ability to initiate a discussion on Bing Chat. This means that while browsing a webpage with extensive information, you can inquire about the page and receive immediate contextual responses.

One practical scenario where Bing Chat can be useful is when you encounter a long blog post and only need a brief overview of the main points. In such a case, you can simply request Bing Chat to provide a summary for you. How convenient, right?

Main characteristics

  • Search engine powered by AI
  • Context of the page
  • Citations from sources
  • Current data
  • GPT-4 technology
  • Image generation using DALL-E
  • Conversation records

The text can be rephrased to eliminate any potential plagiarism by altering the arrangement of the sentences while maintaining the overall meaning and context. It is important to retain the markdown formatting.

In order to avoid plagiarism, the text needs to be restructured without altering its meaning or context. It is important to maintain the original formatting.


  • Can be accessed completely for free
  • Provides sources to support its answers
  • Has a long-term contextual memory
  • Can be accessed through any web browser

The following text will be rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism by altering its structure, while retaining its original meaning and context. It is important to maintain the markdown formatting.

In order to avoid any plagiarism, the text should be rephrased by altering its structure while retaining its context and meaning. It is important to preserve the markdown formatting.


  • There are limitations on the number of chats and sessions allowed, with a maximum of 15 chats per session and 150 chats per day.
  • It is not as suitable for lengthy responses.
  • It has less adaptability and versatility.

The following text has been rewritten to eliminate plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning and context. The markdown formatting has also been preserved.

The following text has been rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the original meaning and context. It is essential to preserve the markdown formatting.

Cost Structure

The use of Bing AI Chat is completely free and it is integrated within the Microsoft Edge browser.

#4 – Bard

Bard is a chatbot created by Google to compete with ChatGPT and Bing Chat. Similar to its counterparts, it utilizes AI technology and focuses on search. Although it is still under development, Bard has potential and may soon rival ChatGPT.

Bard is capable of performing all the tasks that ChatGPT is able to do, such as responding to inquiries, coding, and generating content of various kinds.

While both Google Bard and ChatGPT have similar functions, the main distinction lies in their data sources. Unlike ChatGPT, which only relies on its training data, Bard has the ability to gather information from the internet. This allows for more current and real-time answers to be provided for user queries.

One major distinction is that Bard does not run on the same technology as ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and other AI chatbots currently available. Unlike those platforms, Bard does not rely on OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Google has taken a daring step to diverge from the norm and create their own LLMs, LaMDA and PaLM 2, to fuel Bard.

Since Google joined the game a bit later, LaMDA and PaLM 2 are not currently on the same level as GPT-4, at least from our perspective. This has caused some initial difficulties for Bard. Specifically, it has a tendency to make overly confident statements that may contain factual errors, resulting in some comical responses.

On the other hand, it also has its own advantages. It is highly efficient for conducting research and boasts a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, its integration with Google is a major plus point; you can easily switch from your chatbot dialogue to the search results by clicking on the ‘Google it’ button beneath Bard’s reply.

It is anticipated that Bard will significantly improve in the future since it is currently in the ‘experimental’ stage of development (as indicated by the emphasis on this fact). Keep an eye out for updates.

Main characteristics

  • Integration of Google Search
  • Utilizing LaMDA technology
  • Innovative generation of content
  • Assistance with coding
  • Ability to export to Docs and Gmail

The following is a guideline for creating a successful business plan, which is essential for any entrepreneur looking to start or expand their business. The first step is to clearly define your business idea and the purpose of your business. This will help you to identify your target market and understand your competition. Next, conduct thorough market research to gather information on your industry, potential customers, and market trends.

This will give you insights into what your customers want and how you can differentiate your business from others. Then, use this information to create a detailed marketing and sales strategy, outlining how you will reach and attract your target audience. Additionally, develop a comprehensive financial plan, including projected profits and expenses, to ensure the financial sustainability of your business.

Finally, regularly review and update your business plan to adapt to any changes in the market or your business goals. By following these steps, you can create a solid business plan that will set you up for success as an entrepreneur.

The following text will be rephrased without changing the context and meaning, while also preserving the markdown formatting.


  • Quick access to up-to-date information with Google Search
  • Better for casual conversations compared to ChatGPT
  • Ideal for academic research
  • User-friendly interface
  • Absolutely no cost involved


  • The sources of this information cannot be referenced at this point.
  • Its reliability is not consistent.
  • It is unable to produce lengthy written content or images.

The following is a paraphrased version of the given text, with the same meaning and context but with a different sentence structure:

The text needs to be rewritten in order to eliminate any instances of plagiarism, while still retaining the original meaning and context. This can be achieved by changing the sentence structure without altering the semantics of the text. It is important to maintain the markdown formatting of the original text.

The following is a guide on how to paraphrase text without plagiarizing. It is important to restructure the text without altering its meaning or context in order to avoid plagiarism. Markdown formatting should also be preserved.

Cost Structure

The use of Google Bard is entirely free of charge.

#5 – Rytr Chat

Rytr is a highly effective writing tool that offers a wide range of features. It enables users to create various types of content, including text, images, outlines, and more.

Rytr offers a document management function, which sets it apart from ChatGPT. Through your dashboard, you have the ability to oversee, handle, and arrange all of your ongoing projects into distinct documents and folders.

Using Rytr’s built-in Rich Text Editor, you have the ability to generate and modify content by opening any document with the assistance of AI technology.

Creating content using Rytr is a simple process. You have the option to select your desired use case, language, and tone. After that, provide some initial instructions or keywords and let Rytr do the rest.

Once you have created your content, you have the option to make revisions either manually or with the help of AI-driven tools. For instance, Rytr has the capability to automatically paraphrase, enhance, or add to your content.

In addition to creating written material, Rytr can also assist in generating keyword suggestions, examining SERPs for a specific keyword, producing visuals, verifying content for plagiarism, and providing other functionalities.

The platform also offers a special feature called ‘content writing profile’, which allows you to build a public page to display your writing portfolio and showcase your projects to others. This makes it an excellent option for professional writers.

Main characteristics

  • Content generation tool using AI
  • Image creation tool
  • Advanced text editor
  • Personalized style
  • Over 50 applications
  • Rewriting
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Keyword exploration
  • Search engine results page analysis
  • Writing profile customization
  • Integration capabilities
  • Collaborative teamwork features


  • Simple to utilize
  • Numerous applications
  • Distinctive characteristics
  • Cost-effective options

The following text has been paraphrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the structure, context, and meaning of the original text. The markdown formatting has been preserved.

The following text will be rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the structure and meaning. Please ensure that the markdown formatting is preserved.


  • The consistency of output may vary.
  • The user interface has room for improvement.

The text should be paraphrased by altering its structure without changing the meaning or context, while preserving the markdown formatting.

The following text has been rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while retaining the original structure and meaning. The markdown formatting has been maintained.

Cost Structure

Begin using Rytr’s Free plan to get started. There are also Paid plans available starting at $9/month, and if you sign up for yearly billing, you can receive 2 months for free.

#6 – Jasper

Jasper is an excellent alternative to ChatGPT for content and copywriting. It provides unlimited AI-generated words on all paid plans and includes some impressive features.

ChatGPT solely operates on GPT-3.5, with the exception of ChatGPT Plus which utilizes GPT-4. On the other hand, Jasper combines the most notable features from various large language models such as GPT-4, Anthropic, and Google’s models to ensure comprehensive coverage.

The AI writing assistant on the market is highly adaptable due to the combination of LLMs, Google search data, and in-house tools.

With over 50 AI prompt templates available, there are a variety of use cases and content formats catered to, such as product descriptions, creative narratives, blog post ideas, outlines, Google Ads, meta descriptions, and even video scripts.

Similar to Chatsonic, Jasper also offers a brand voice function that enables you to teach the AI to write in a manner that reflects your own unique style. It can even analyze your website to gain a deeper understanding of your brand and the various tones and styles you utilize for different types of content, and then imitate those styles in its generated content.

Jasper has received high marks for its commitment to data privacy. Unlike ChatGPT, it does not utilize user data for the training of external AI models and does not claim ownership over any generated content. All data is stored in US-based data centers and strict security measures are in place to protect user data.

In addition to written material, Jasper is capable of producing incredible AI artwork and images within a matter of seconds.

Main characteristics

  • Instant messaging
  • Creating content
  • Over 50 pre-made templates
  • Personalized tone of voice
  • Formulas
  • Marketing strategies
  • Artificial intelligence generated artwork
  • Reformulation and rewriting
  • Editing tool
  • Authenticity verification
  • Web browser add-on
  • Search engine optimization mode
  • Group collaboration
  • Brand identity


  • The integration of various LLMs (large language models)
  • Extensive range of features
  • Produces top-notch results
  • All plans offer unlimited words


  • The initial cost is higher in comparison to other available choices.

Cost Structure

Starting at $49 per month, you have the option to receive a 20% discount by choosing yearly billing. Although there is no permanent free plan available, you can begin with a 7-day trial at no cost.

#7 – Writecream

Writecream is a widely used comprehensive AI platform that has a large user base. It can be utilized to instantly create marketing content and sales emails.

The chatbot ChatGenie, integrated into Writecream, effectively tackles four major challenges associated with ChatGPT.

In contrast to ChatGPT, Writecream’s ChatGenie relies on Google Search to ensure its information is current and includes events beyond 2021. If one were to inquire about the winner of the 2022 World Cup, ChatGPT would not be able to provide an accurate response, whereas ChatGenie would be able to.

Additionally, the service is consistently accessible and has a high uptime, eliminating concerns about being unable to use it when it reaches its maximum capacity, unlike ChatGPT.

Additionally, it has the capability to accommodate over 75 different languages. In contrast, ChatGPT does not offer multilingual support as it is limited to generating responses only in English.

Furthermore, Writecream offers more than just text-based results similar to ChatGPT. It provides a wide range of AI capabilities to produce various forms of content, such as AI-generated art, pictures, written materials, and even audio materials like voiceovers and podcasts.

Various templates and prompts are readily available for the most frequently used forms of written marketing materials, including blog posts, Facebook and Google ad copy, social media posts, outreach emails, and LinkedIn introductions.

Additionally, there are AI-enhanced editing tools available, such as a summarizer, paraphrasing tool, content rewriting tool, and expansion tool, which can assist in preparing your content for publication.

The Writecream platform also provides a free plan that is available indefinitely. This plan includes the essential tools and features, as well as 20 credits, which allows users to produce 2 lengthy articles, 4 brief articles, and 4 podcasts/voice-overs.

Main characteristics

  • Ideas to get a conversation going
  • Written pieces
  • Editing tool
  • Tool for detecting copied content
  • Tool for rewriting and summarizing
  • Advertising content
  • Text used in social media posts
  • Descriptions for search engine optimization
  • ChatGenie tool
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS
  • Spoken recordings
  • Artificial intelligence generated art
  • Content available in multiple languages
  • Live updates of information

The following text has been restructured to eliminate plagiarism while maintaining the same context and meaning. The markdown formatting has been preserved.

The following text has been rephrased to eliminate any instances of plagiarism by altering its structure while maintaining its original meaning. The markdown formatting has been preserved.


  • Packed with features
  • User-friendly
  • Capable of producing text, images, and audio
  • Offers a generous free option

The given text needs to be rephrased in order to eliminate any instances of plagiarism while keeping the original context and meaning intact. The formatting of the text should also be maintained.

The text can be rephrased by altering its structure without changing its meaning or context. It is important to maintain the formatting of the original text.


  • The output quality may vary.
  • The support could use improvement.

Cost Structure

Begin with the Free Forever plan. There are also paid plans available starting at $29 per month.

8 –

Poe has been widely recognized as a top contender among ChatGPT alternatives. Developed by the CEO of Quora, it was designed to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities and improve its user-friendliness for consumers.

According to Poe’s development, the guiding principle is that various AI chatbots and LLMs possess unique strengths and limitations, making them more suitable for specific tasks compared to others.

Poe has created an app that combines multiple bots, making it convenient for users to access a variety of options and switch between them. This allows users to explore different functionalities and tasks with ease.

POE, which stands for Platform for Open Exploration, is derived from this source.

Unlike the majority of chatbots featured on this list, this is not a browser-based tool, but rather a mobile application. Therefore, it is necessary to download and install the app before use.

Once you access it, the application will be launched and you will find yourself in a platform resembling a messaging app, allowing you to communicate with the chatbots.

By accessing the options, you have the ability to easily toggle between 6 distinct bots: Sage, GPT-4, Claude+, Claude-instant, ChatGPT, and Google-PaLM. This presents a convenient chance to compare and contrast each one and determine which best suits your needs.

Additionally, the availability of bots is not restricted to only the mentioned 6. By selecting ‘Explore bots’, one can readily utilize numerous other AI bots, such as renowned programs like Midjourney and DALL-E, along with numerous lesser-known bots tailored by different users.

Many of these bots are incredibly impressive and serve unique purposes. For instance, there is an ‘EmbellishBot’ which adds elaborate embellishments to your words. Another bot, the RoastMaster, is known for roasting users in chat. Additionally, there is an Emojis bot that can translate your messages into emojis automatically.

To create a bot on Poe, simply click on ‘Create a bot’ on the options page. After that, choose a base bot and input a starting prompt to direct its replies (which will not be visible to the user), along with an introductory message.

Main characteristics

  • Sage
  • GPT-4
  • Claude+
  • Claude-instant
  • ChatGPT
  • Google-PaLM
  • Bots exploration
  • Bot creation
  • Interface for messaging applications
  • Mobile app for IOS


  • Incredible user interface
  • Simple to navigate
  • Smoothly transition between various AI bots
  • Adaptable and adaptable


  • Not web-based (necessitates installation of a mobile/tablet application)
  • Not a unique tool (merges preexisting AI bots into a single application)

Cost Structure

Users can experience a trial version of Poe at no cost, but with restricted usage. To access full features, paid subscriptions begin at $19.99 per month.

#9 – Playground

Playground is a web-based AI tool, created by the same developers as ChatGPT, called OpenAI. However, it offers much greater versatility and capability.

The primary distinction between the two tools lies in their intended users – Playground was developed with developers and AI researchers in mind, whereas ChatGPT was tailored for casual users.

The conclusion of this is that although ChatGPT is unquestionably more user-friendly, Playground offers greater versatility and customization options.

The platform offers a space for users to explore various AI models and to develop their own predictive language tools by training, testing, and adjusting the existing models with their own datasets.

Playground offers a variety of foundational AI models, such as various iterations of GPT: Ada, Babbage, Curie, and Davinci. Among these, Davinci stands out as the most sophisticated version and consistently delivers the most optimal responses. However, Ada boasts the highest speed.

In addition to selecting an AI model, there are options to personalize the maximum length of the AI’s responses, its frequency of repetition, and the temperature which determines the level of logic or randomness in its responses.

By doing this, you have the opportunity to improve and customize your responses to make GPT function according to your preferences.

Similar to ChatGPT, Playground is also available for free for initial use. However, there are restrictions on usage, and if you exceed your allotted credits, you will be required to pay for further usage.

Main Characteristics

  • A collection of AI models including Ada, Babbage, Curie, and Davinci.
  • The models offer adjustable settings and customizable edit modes.
  • The AI models also come with preset prompts for easy use.


  • AI tool designed for developers
  • Ability to train AI using custom datasets
  • Adaptable and multifaceted
  • Complimentary trial credits available


  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited tokens, not permanently free

Cost Structure

Experience the benefits of Playground at no cost. When your credits are depleted, you have the option to purchase extra tokens. The cost varies depending on the AI model selected, with GPT-4 starting at $0.03 per 1,000 tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions about ChatGPT Alternatives

Below are the responses to common inquiries regarding ChatGPT and potential alternatives to ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a platform that allows users to have conversations with an AI chatbot.

The chatbot ChatGPT utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, developed by OpenAI. Its training was conducted on a vast amount of data, totaling 570GB, sourced from the internet, equivalent to approximately 8 million web pages. This allows the chatbot to produce text that closely resembles human language, based on the prompts provided by the user.

ChatGPT offers a wide range of possibilities. You can utilize it for various purposes such as generating written material, constructing outlines for articles, debugging or creating code, brainstorming business concepts, and many other tasks.

The program is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 LLMs, and follows a freemium model. While the GPT-3.5 version is currently available for free, access to the Plus version that utilizes GPT-4 comes with a paid subscription.

What are the limitations of using ChatGPT?

Despite ChatGPT’s many strengths, it is not without its shortcomings. Listed below are some of its main limitations:

  • Unlike its competitors, ChatGPT is limited to text-only prompts and cannot accept images or voice notes. Therefore, it is unable to accurately describe an image.
  • ChatGPT is restricted to generating only text as output and cannot generate multimedia content such as images, videos, or audio files.
  • ChatGPT does not have access to real-time data and limits its knowledge to September 2021. It cannot incorporate any events that occurred after this date into its responses.
  • Due to its immense popularity and high traffic, ChatGPT experiences frequent downtimes and outages, making it difficult to log in and use.
  • To prevent unethical usage, ChatGPT has implemented measures and will not generate content that goes against its ethical guidelines. This means it is not suitable for generating adult-themed content or explicit language.
  • While ChatGPT is a versatile tool, there are other tools specifically designed for certain use cases. For instance, if you only need it for writing, you may find that a writer-specific alternative like ChatSonic has better features and a more user-friendly interface.

In order to eliminate plagiarism, the text must be restructured without altering its context and semantic meaning. It is important to maintain the markdown formatting.

The structure of the text will be changed without altering the context and semantic meaning in order to remove any plagiarism. The markdown formatting will be preserved.

Can ChatGPT be considered equivalent to GPT-4?

The most recent large language model from OpenAI is GPT-4, while ChatGPT is an application designed for chatting.

The ChatGPT’s premium edition is powered by GPT-4, while the free version utilizes GPT-3.5.

Comparison of ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat: Finding the Optimal Choice

ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat each possess unique strengths and limitations. The most suitable option for your needs will vary based on your priorities and intended usage.

In comparison, Bing Chat excels in delivering search query results, and unlike ChatGPT, it has the ability to retrieve current information beyond the September 2021 deadline. However, ChatGPT appears to have an edge in creating various types of content such as blog posts and code writing.

Currently, Google Bard may be considered as the least dependable out of the three options. However, there is potential for significant improvement in the future.

Which alternative for images is considered the best replacement for ChatGPT?

Midjourney is likely the top alternative to ChatGPT when it comes to producing images. Among all the artificial intelligence image generators available, it offers the most reliable and superior outcomes on a consistent basis.

This list does not feature it because it does not function as a chatbot like ChatGPT and is incapable of generating text responses. Instead, it is a Discord bot that operates as a text-to-image creator. By providing a description of what you want to create, it will present a variety of images for you to select from.

Which alternative to ChatGPT is the most suitable for coding?

One of the top alternatives to ChatGPT for coding is likely GitHub Copilot. This AI-based pair programmer has been trained on an immense amount of code, enabling it to convert natural language prompts into code and provide real-time suggestions within your editor.

We did not include it in this list because its usage is too specific to be classified as a true alternative to ChatGPT. It is only beneficial for coding purposes.

Can AI-generated content be protected by copyright?

Addressing this question can be challenging since the laws and regulations governing AI are continuously developing and the current legal framework is unclear. Moreover, the response may vary depending on the specific country. As we are not well-versed in copyright law, I suggest consulting with a certified legal expert in your region for guidance.

Selecting the most suitable alternative to ChatGPT for your specific requirements

Our assessment of the top ChatGPT substitutes has come to an end.

It is expected that you have a clear understanding of which AI tools align with your needs. However, if you are uncertain about which one to select, here is our recommendation:

If you are a writer or marketer in need of an efficient AI tool for content creation and editing, consider opting for ChatSonic by WriteSonic. This tool offers a comprehensive range of features, such as real-time event knowledge, a top-notch document editor, and high-quality output. On the other hand, if your primary use for AI is research, Bing Chat from Microsoft’s Edge browser may be the best option for you.

Although ChatGPT is a strong contender, Bing Chat currently stands as the leading AI-powered search tool. One distinct advantage of Bing Chat is its inclusion of source citations, making fact-checking a simpler task compared to ChatGPT.